LNC Questions 1/22/15

1. My earliest memory of reading and writing are the chunks of memories I have of me looking through science picture books as a kid. And before I continue, my firsdt spoken words could have been anything! Foreword, sometimes I would even sneak through my mom’s old bookshelves and look through whatever I could! My literary interests as a kid landed on my parents books on sex, the human body, natural science & Earth, space, and topography rather than actual writing. My hyperactive, all-over-the-place attitude always kept me from focusing on words that were stuck to paper. My interests would fly toward things that grasped my interests and understanding of the world. I also had a library card for the New Orleans Latter Library in uptown when I was growing up. I couldn’t pick up a playboy at Latter, but I sure could get all the books on hurricanes and tornadoes that I could.

2. (Part of this answered in answer 1). I have never had a favorite book. Even though reading and literature have been a smaller part of my life than the average human being, I have found myself frequently reading various subjects that interest me. Music is my lifework and is always a read. I would also constantly get lost in my science textbooks during class – not focusing on course material but focusing on reading what I was interested in in the books. Other topics would include American history, politics, law, fan fictions (I grew out of this one at about 12), the pharmacology of psychoactive drugs & peoples accounts of their experiences with them, and articles about the science of how people perceive things/the subconscious mind. I have trouble focusing on reading things with commitment, so my readings were always short and scattered but indefinitely made me learn things over time. The internet is to this day the main source of my findings, as I would try to search for the most reputable information possible. Most of my readings were factual and not fictional. I feel as if my mind is already full of enough stories and memories that I should focus on more than reading those of others.

3. The only time I can recall definitely being punished for reading was in middle school when I would carry around this short, little blue book with a whole on the front called “Children’s Miscellany” which contained nothing but weird/funny/crazy facts about history, science, and plain old interesting things. It’s the typical book you’d see a nerdy kid reading when they’re young. I would get it taken away or told off for reading that in any of my classes instead of doing work or NOT talking to people! The only way I have been rewarded for reading is by being told that I have a good reading speed despite my dyslexia and low reading comprehension. I have also been told that my stories are good, but my writing skills lack a perfectly formal structure.

4. I haven’t ever written a goodbye letter. I have probably written a love letter at one point. It sounds like something I would do. Wait! I have, but I didn’t give it to the person. I have written many things in my lifetime, but not nearly as much as I used to – and I’m okay with that. My focus in life is to create images and feelings from sound, not writing. It’s a different metaphysical group of thought. I used to record my dreams in 10th grade and that got me some intense information about myself. I started writing lyric poetry to music that I had or hadn’t written yet when I was in elementary school and still do today, but not nearly as often nor in the same way. In high school I briefly tried other types of poetry like haikus but didn’t get too much out of it except a few inside jokes and ideas. I have also enjoyed writing stories in the past, but I believe before I can write a good story I need a lot more experience in life. I feel like I will one day.

5. I am good at explaining anything that is possible for me to feel and understand. But more specifically, I’m really good at explaining how to deal with issues, music theory, how people’s thoughts and behaviors play out in their actions, and some other stuff that would take me a while to think about.